Psychometric and Cognitive Test

Psychometric Tests Measure the 4 Key Aspects of Human Personality, click below to take psychometric test.

Psychometric and Cognitive Testing for Candidates

No matter what industry you work in or where your company is located, a few factors related to hiring are true across the board. Finding the right candidate is about more than a set of technical skills or a strong educational background. A strong applicant will also possess relevant behavioral traits, stand-out critical thinking abilities, superior situational judgment and a positive personality.

Just as it’s crucial to hire candidates who will perform the tasks required of them, it’s equally important to ensure they will work well within their team, communicate effectively with clients and customers and make sound decisions you can trust.

How can you know if they will also bring the right behavioral traits and skills to the table?

Our array of tests are intentionally broad, allowing you to select specific aptitudes that fit your needs or administer more general assessments to see whether candidates have the hard and soft skills they’ll need to succeed. Some of our analytical tests for jobs are industry-specific, such as our Elite Banking, Business, Call Center, Healthcare and Hospitality Tests.

Others measure a candidate’s emotional intelligence, Big 5 personality traits, workplace aptitude and much more. You’ll have the opportunity to gain insight into each candidate’s management aptitude, if applicable, through supervisor-specific testing. You can even choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced levels for certain tests.

Browse our selection below and read on for more details regarding the range of Behavioral and Cognitive tests we offer.

Available Behavioral Tests for Potential Employees

Educa8 Global Services offers more than 35 unique Psychometric and Cognitive tests. Each of these assessments has been designed by a professional and independently validated to ensure its quality and reliability.

Browse our list of Elite industry-specific tests to find one that best fits your workplace. Take a look at our Situational Judgment tests, which offer variations for managers, sales staff, service members and teams.

Or consider our personality-specific tests which will offer incredibly helpful insights into your job candidates’ core personality traits, emotional intelligence, sales aptitude, work skills and much more.

Customize Tests to Suit Your Needs

Our range of behavioral aptitude tests is fully customizable. We provide all the tools you need to succeed, and then you can get in the driver’s seat and mix and match these tests to fit the role you’re trying to fill. We’re here to help make it happen. Our team of professionals will work alongside you throughout the process to answer any questions and help create tests that are relevant to you so your company can make the best hiring decision.