Medical and Nursing Skills Tests

Our tests go beyond technical know-how and also include deeper personality and persona assessments.

Pre-Employment Testing for Healthcare

Health care is one industry where you can’t afford to make any mistakes when it comes to your hiring decisions. You need to know you can count on your new employees to have the medical skills and understanding in order to succeed. After all, they hold a life in their hands.

From the clinic to the emergency room, a healthcare facility requires a competent staff to operate smoothly. As an employer or hiring manager, there’s no room for error. This responsibility is a big pressure, particularly in hospitals or labs with high turnover rates or an urgent hiring need.

How can you be sure you’re filling the necessary positions with the most qualified, capable people?

Educa8 Global Services has the solution. We offer an expansive line of pre-employment tests designed specifically for the healthcare field. Our library of assessments was created to help you narrow down your candidate pool and rest assured knowing your strongest candidate and eventual hire is truly qualified for the job.

Your peace of mind can go beyond their resume, a good interview or even solid references. With our technical and objective tests, you can be certain they have the knowledge and vocabulary necessary to succeed.