Call Center and Customer Service Tests

Educa8 Global Sevices provides assessments specific to call center and customer service skills.

Call Center and Customer Service Tests

Call centers often operate as vital sources of information and communication in the modern business world. For many customers, the voice on the other end of the phone is their primary or only contact with your organization. The voice they hear and the information they receive is how they will perceive the warmth, personability and helpfulness of your company.

It should go without saying that it’s imperative to hire and retain people who are qualified for the task. But how can you know from a resume and cover letter whether applicants possess the right experience, qualities, persona and prior training?

Educa8 Global Services provides assessments specific to call center and customer service skills. Our testing includes customer service scenario tests and call center skills assessments that measure every aptitude from spelling to data analysis. Depending on the nature of the role, you can test candidates on their telephone skills or sales abilities.

After choosing and administering each pre-employment test, you will receive a report that breaks down the candidate’s results. This report will include a general overview of their tested abilities and specific information about how they scored on each skill set. You can compare the candidates directly using quantifiable data to assess which are the strongest potential new hires.

Additionally, our service aptitude questions provide valuable information regarding what level of future training may be required and in which specific arena. You won’t waste any more time on general one-size-fits-all training. No more hiring candidates who turn out to be poor employees. And no more high employee turnover or disappointing job performances. Our tests help you hire the right people for the job, right on time.

How Can Call Center Pre-Employment Tests Help?

When it comes to call centers and customer service, it’s about more than knowing the correct information or successfully operating a telephone. These basic functions are crucial, of course — and have tests specifically geared toward assessing them — but there is a bigger need.

Employees must communicate clearly and cohesively to succeed in these areas. They need to make quick decisions, possess strong critical thinking abilities and know-how to handle conflict resolution. A strong candidate will also be positive, outgoing and comfortable speaking with strangers over the phone.

You cannot necessarily check these qualities through an application or interview. Unless hiring managers spend a significant amount of time using simulation testing and extensively assessing each candidate, you may unintentionally yet consistently make faulty hiring choices.

Pre-employment testing helps narrow down the field. You will glean insights that will save valuable money and time during the hiring process, allowing you to make important decisions faster and more confidently.

Edcca8 Global Services selection of customer service and call center tests covers a wide range of skill sets. Choose specific topics such as an international geography spelling test, or opt for a customer service scenarios test to see how a candidate performs in real-world scenarios. If the position requires regular or intensive knowledge of reading or math, you’ll want to ensure the successful candidate is fully qualified. In this case, you may choose to administer a pre-employment postal codes test or a spelling test.