Accounting and Finance Test

Whether you’re looking for an accountant, a payroll specialist, a bookkeeper or a bank teller, you want to know you’re hiring the best.

Pre-Employment Accounting and Finance Tests

Members of the accounting and finance fields know the importance of sticking to the numbers. When recruiting and interviewing job applicants for a financial role, you need someone who knows the system. These highly technical and standardized fields require successful job applicants to have high-quality skills, experience, education and competence.

Whether you’re looking for an accountant, a payroll specialist, a bookkeeper or a bank teller, you want to know you’re hiring the best.

Accounting Tests – No big subscriptions – only pay for the tests you use!

Unlike other accounting assessment testing providers, Total Testing has remained committed to helping clients stretch the hiring budget. Our Pay-As-You-Go pricing model allows you to set up an account, pick & choose the right accounting pre-employment test, use it and then pay afterward.

No Sign Up Fees
No Contracts
No Annual Subscriptions

Why buy costly packages that you might not use or need? Our a la carte choices give you the freedom to select the right accounting assessment test for each job opening. No need to bring candidates in the office for an Excel test – with a couple clicks you can email the test for your candidate to test from home.

Whether you work as a Fortune 500 company hiring manager, or you are hiring on behalf of a startup company, you can trust Total Testing as your onboarding solutions partner.

We test tens of thousands of candidates a year and our clients love this flexible account. PLUS, we can have the account set up within minutes of signing up. The testing experience for your candidate is easy and you’ll receive a detailed score report as soon as the candidate finishes testing….Easy, affordable & you’ll know whether your candidate has the proficiency level that you need for the job. If you know you need to do a lot of testing, we also have other accounts for larger needs – Chat with us now and we’ll go over your questions.

Accounting & Finance Test Details

Our series of Accounting & Finance employment tests allow you to evaluate key accounting and bookkeeping skills in accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and financial statements as well as candidates’ abilities with popular accounting software such as Peachtree and QuickBooks. You can also identify personality and aptitude to find those that learn quickly and have an eye for attention to detail.

Prepared by respected accountants and bookkeeping experts, these tests combine multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions with realistic illustrations of business and financial documents.

One of our most popular tests for accounting roles is our Elite – Work Skills test. This test measures crucial areas for most accounting jobs. The areas include

Mathematical problem-solving skills
Analyzing skills
Attention to detail
Language skills.

We also offer an Excel – Finance test that includes intermediate and advanced questions along with covering pivot tables, charts and functions. It is one of our most popular tests for accounting positions.

Adding the Elite – Personality Profile will help you identify people that are trustworthy, handle stress well, and are a team player.

Many of our tests in three levels — beginner, intermediate and advanced. The beginner level tests assess basic abilities to perform relevant tasks. Intermediate tests typically measure the test taker’s capabilities to perform all three functions to gain a sense of their general competence. Advanced tests focus only on the most advanced levels of skill and aptitude. These are ideal for high-level job responsibilities rather than entry-level positions. In addition, we can customize most of our tests to fit your specific needs.