About Us

About Educa8 Global Services

Educa8 Global Services is a leading provider of integrated and results-driven human resources and educational consultancy services. Our experienced team assists clients with a wide range of solutions that will spark innovation and drive strategic growth. We help our clients navigate human resources and educational transformation through a combination of strategy, experience, and innovation, facilitating the change they need to own their future in both the human resources and educational environment.

We create sustainable results for the organizations we serve by embracing diverse perspectives, encouraging new ideas, and challenge the status quo. With innovative education and technological systems, Educa8 works to create better opportunities for underserved students to lead lives full of choices utilizing our diagnostic tools. We are committed to helping schools and high impact organizations that aim to improve students’ career pathways and education around the world and accelerate structural and positive change.

Educa8 transformational educational goals are as follows:

• Ensure that every student /client that we serve identifies their career interest pathway through research-based assessments that will guide their future.
• Implementation and collaboration with schools, government entities, and corporations to provide educational solutions that will empower, educate, and open the door of opportunity for students across the globe through educational initiatives focused on building 21st-century skills.
• Ensure the incorporation and utilization of technology to promote educational learning, training, advising, e-courses, and online degree distance learning programs via our online platform.
• Provide recruitment and advisement to clients for first-class international institutions for undergraduate and graduate studies, study abroad, summer initiatives, and scholarship opportunities to ensure a seamless enrollment process.

Our Mission Statement

Educa8 Global Services Is committed to being your trusted partner, offering the best support and technological implementation to solve complex challenges for the human resources and educational industry.
Our sincere dedication and experience are what pushes our company and employees to be an asset to your business. We offer the highest level of customer service to allow your institution to focus on the most important relationships – Those between you, your staff, students, and your workplace.

Our Vision

Our vision is one of transformation and includes engaging in the continuous learning and development necessary in a rapidly advancing world, identifying and addressing critical issues related to the empowering and education of all people, and using technology to broaden and support workforce and learning initiatives

We have very knowledgeable and creative employees with a passion for value-added learning. We design every service to meet the unique needs of the private and public sectors, students, executives, and participants. We distinguish our services from our competitors, mix our abundant talents, and bring high energy and enthusiasm to every business and learning experience that we undertake.

Our Core Values