About Us

About Educa8 Global Services

Educa8 Global Services is a consulting firm of a seasoned and competent team of trusted professionals offering innovative and effective advisory services to an audience of leaders in various education institutions as well as organizations in both private and public sectors. Our goal is to deliver exceptional ideas, experience-based solutions and results to the organizations we partner with while collaborating with both local and international industries in knowledge sharing.

We render a vast range of solutions in the area of Career Readiness, College Counselling and Educational Consultancy using state-of-the-art tools and resources. We also work closely with field specialists, funders and advocates to create and accelerates plans that support strong systems, outstanding educators, engaged students and effective investments.
Since our inception, Educa8 has devotedly created innovative strategies to change the narrative of the educational environment in Nigeria by implementing technology and resources required to meet international standards of excellence.
At Educa8, we believe that the future of education and professional training is digital, automated, and innovative. We have a synergised network of professionals who provide technology solutions to meet the needs of educational institutions in the country. From students, at different stages of the learning process, to teachers and other professionals, in several fields of specialization.
We understand that several complexities are hindering the quality of education in Nigeria and the professional development of career-oriented individuals. On the same range, we recognise that e-learning and other aspects of technologically integrated education are effective solutions to tackle these complexities and challenges. Therein lies the core of our services and mission at Educa8 Global Services.

Educa8 transformational educational goals:

• Ensure that every student /client that we serve identifies their career interest pathway through research-based assessments that will guide their future.
• Implementation and collaboration with schools, government entities, and corporations to provide educational solutions that will empower, educate, and open the door of opportunity for students across the globe through educational initiatives focused on building 21st-century skills.
• Ensure the incorporation and utilization of technology to promote educational learning, training, advising, e-courses, and online degree distance learning programs via our online platform.
• Provide recruitment and advisement to clients for first-class international institutions for undergraduate and graduate studies, study abroad, summer initiatives, and scholarship opportunities to ensure a seamless enrollment process.

Educa8 Educational Solutions:

• As a global consulting firm that leverages deep industry experience and rigorous insight to help business leaders achieve realistic Educational outcomes.
• We accomplish this goal by implementing and facilitating International Educational collaborations with Universities abroad, assisting schools with determining the STEM capacity of their students, training the teachers and students for global standardized assessments to assess skills.
• Source and create relationships with International Organizations to provide educational and technological solutions in the region.
• Collaborate with International Foundations and NGOs for collaborative educational projects and to source funding opportunities for initiatives that focus on learning outcomes of various populations.
• We distinguish our services from our competitors, mix our abundant talents, and bring high energy and enthusiasm to every business and learning experience that we undertake.

Why Choose Us

Educa8 Global Services provides the resources, knowledge and expert advice necessary Eto exceed our clients’ expectations. We are on the cutting edge of international consultancy and currently building our portfolio corporations to meet the needs of institutions in the region.
At Educa8, we help our clients navigate educational transformation through a combination of strategy, experience, and innovation, enabling them to facilitate the change that they need to own their future in the educational environment.
We take our responsibility as experts in the educational advisory and consultancy sector with uttermost professionalism, and we never compromise on the quality of our services and applied resources.
Choosing to work with Educa8 Global Services provides the professionals, technology, and qualified experience to oversee the successful realisation of improved methods and quality of education. Educa8 is committed to achieving satisfaction for clients th

Our Core Values

Educa8 is a company established on intricate values that guide our processes, operations, and the implementation of our innovative strategies across the education sector in Nigeria.